Clare + Sirchauncey // Snoqualmie Falls Elopement

April 15, 2018

04.06.18 || This one is near and dear to my heart. It’s one of those weddings that you feel tugged to, it pulls at you. You give it your all and nothing short of it. Clare and Sirchauncey brought me in a whole nine months before they said I do. Clare lived in Australia and Sirchauncey was here in Washington based at the Army base in northern Washington. Clare and I connected over Facebook where she found my work. We hit it off. It was like that instant moment where you feel connected and called to help someone with something so huge. When we first spoke she wasn’t sure when she would be here, let alone if she would be approved for a visa. As the months rolled on we found our selves unsure if this would ever happen. Then one day, it was like it all fell together. Clare got word her visa was approved and she messaged me with so much joy to tell me, we then figured out a date and time, we made everything solid and we were set. The morning of the 6th of April couldn’t have been more perfect. They were calling for rain but Clare showed up and it was like it was Australia all of a sudden. It was one of those days in April where you get bright sunshine, no rain and a lot of smiling faces. I think from this point I can shut up and let the images tell the story. 

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