We Got Published // Highs and Lows of being a Published Photographer

April 24, 2018

04.24.18 || This day changes everything for me. It changes how I look at myself as a photographer. It changes how I look at the world as a whole. It changes how I look at my work. It changes how other people look at my work. Today I am a published photographer. Today Shawna + Lacey Seattle Courthouse Elopement goes live on Love Inc. A piece of me is over the moon with excitement. Though I have always promised to be raw, emotional, vulnerable, and honest with my followers, friends, and clients. If I am being honest I have been fighting with my inner demons about submitting any of my work ever. I thought up until this point that I was not worthy of publication. I was not worthy of taking a minute to praise my work. I think self love comes into play here. A lot of people speak about self love as a body thing. Loving your body and everything it does for you is important but self love in your personal worth is just as important. People tend to be very focused on how they love, their body image and how they act around others. They take care of others before themselves. I am very guilty of this, just like every mom is. Though we forget we are valuable. We have a worth. We are important. I think that is why I have been struggling with this publication. I want to feel that I am worthy of this and that I deserve it, because damnit I do! I have worked hard, I have struggled and I have built this whole company from nothing to something. I have struggled, I have screamed, I have cried and I have dealt with some nasty people to be where I am. So though I may not feel worthy of this publication a piece of me knows damn well I deserve it, and that’s all that matters.

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